Our History

 Hello! I'm Nicole, here with my family. Several years ago when I went through a divorce, my life made a major transition from a stay-at-home-mom to a now single-mom of two boys. While it's not a situation that any woman wishes for herself, God has shown me how to take the circumstances that I am given, give Him thanks for them, and look for His best plan for me through it. I began working as a professional cleaner to earn income in 2020, during the time of much nervousness around the Coronavirus in which great emphasis was placed on ensuring that surfaces were being properly sanitized. In my cleaning business and in my own home I try to avoid harsh chemical cleaning products as I don't want my family breathing, eating from, and absorbing chemicals through their skin. I have worked to develop non-toxic natural cleaning products that I use in my work and in my own home to safely clean surfaces and leave them crisp and fresh!