Colloidal Silver Sanitizing Glass Cleaner

Colloidal Silver Sanitizing Glass Cleaner (acidic) - $22

Sanitizer that works for a broad range of purposes. Excellent for cleaning bathroom and kitchen surfaces. Leaves mirrors and windows with a streak-free crisp shine. Sanitize upholstery, rugs, athletic shoes, toothbrushes, and more!

Comes in a chic amber glass bottle which you may keep or exchange upon your refill order for a discount.

Note: Acidic based cleaners are not recommended for use on granite countertops as they may cause natural stone to etch due to the calcite concentration within the stone. For granite countertops, see our general cleaning spray.

Contains: Distilled Water, White Vinegar, Colloidal Silver (99.99% Pure Silver Suspended in Distilled Water), Peppermint Essential Oil